What Is the ZYYAH Home Living Platform?

ZYYAH is a new home living platform focused on:

  • Empowering homeowners to maximize home living experiences and home life quality
  • Protecting the role of the real estate agent in real estate transactions and client relationships


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The ZYYAH Roadmap

As a platform, ZYYAH is designed to unite homeowners, real estate agents and home pros. The platform’s value is delivered in four key areas – each important to anyone who buys, sells, or services residential homes.

  • ZYYAH Shield: Ensuring protection for your assets
  • ZYYAH Concierge: A better home living experience
  • ZYYAH Market: Improving homeowner lifestyle
  • ZYYAH Transact: A better buying and selling experience

We’re confident you’ll find one or more platform services that you need. No matter where you are in your home buying, selling, or management stage, ZYYAH is for you.

Find out how ZYYAH meets you at the point of your need. Every time.

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Why ZYYAH? Why Now?

Did you know that billions of dollars are being spent on emerging real estate technologies and home living platforms? And yet no one is bridging the gap between the homeowner and agent. ZYYAH is needed now. Here’s what we built this platform to do:

  • Eliminate confusion for the homeowner and agent
  • Improve and empower agents to be a true “trusted advisor”
  • Foster and improve long-lasting homeowner-agent relationships
  • Create and deliver marketplaces that reward homeowners and agents
  • Remove much of the pain associated with buying and selling residential properties


roadmap of the ZYYAH home living platform

The ZYYAH Homeowner, Real Estate and Home Pro Tools




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The ZYYAH Platform Difference

Other home management, maintenance, and transaction platforms are narrow in scope and function. What makes ZYYAH different is that it brings everything together in one convenient location. With ZYYAH, you get everything you need in a single home living platform. That’s why we call ZYYAH “Home Living, Perfected.”



Services and products that improve lifestyle and enjoyment of your home.



Services, partners and products that increase the value of your home and property.



Services, tools and information that improve how you buy, sell, insure and secure your home.

The ZYYAH Advantage

ZYYAH brings together homeowners, agents, and pros to deliver deeper relationships, unlock new earning advantages, and provide best-in-class real estate experiences to an industry that is ready for an upgrade. Nobody else even comes close.

A HOMEOWNER Marketplace

A ZYYAH Referral Network:
Home Title
Home Mortgage
Home (& Auto) Insurance
Home Warranty
Home Utility Concierge
Home Moving / Storage
Home Security
Home Innovative / Unique Products

Additional ZYYAH Network Services:
Home Repair
Home Remodel / Renovation
Home Redesign
Home (Preventative) Maintenance

Real Estate Services

Agent Initiated Transaction:
List or Buy with Agent Defined %
Use Proprietary ZYYAH Agent Tools

Homeowner Initiated Transaction:
Basic: 1% Listing Fee
Premium: 1.5% Listing Fee
Luxury: 2%+ Listing Fee

Agent CRM & Marketing Engine
Rental Property Management


New Predictive Insights

Data/Insight/Predictive Analysis:
ZYYAH Home Vault
Predictive Home Pricing
Homeowner Trending
Property Analysis
Competitive Analysis

ZYYAH Partnerships

ZYYAH partners with leading companies across the real estate and home living industries. Our partnership is our endorsement of the value and customer experience you will receive when working with one of these companies. Transact and shop with confidence!

 ZYYAH Partnerships
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