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An Unbiased Guide to Foundation Repair

They say you should always build on a strong foundation, but how often are those words of wisdom taken literally? A solid foundation – the real kind – is crucial to the longevity, strength, and stability of your home. Unfortunately, nearly a quarter of all homes experience structural distress with 1 in 20 experiencing major structural issues due to lack of foundation repair and maintenance.

The 5 Worst States for Foundation Repair

The local climate, soil, landscaping, yard slope, builder practices, and water conditions are all factors in how your foundation will fare over the long term. There are a few states with a disproportionate amount of foundation repairs. According to google trends, states with the most residents looking for foundation repair help are Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas. Some areas of Nebraska, Colorado, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Virginia experience foundation issues as well. The severity of issues varies based on whether the home is built on a basement, slab, or crawl space.

Signs of Foundation Damage

Even if you don’t live in one of these highly affected areas it’s still possible for your home to be affected by foundation issues. Here are some early signs of foundation problems to look out for:

  • Cracks in the exterior or interior walls, especially if they zig-zag or stairstep
  • Uneven, slanted, bowing, or bubbling floors
  • Doors out of frame – doors rubbing against thresholds or deadbolts out of alignment
  • Door frame/window frame separation from the wall
  • Rotten wood in your basement or crawlspace because of humidity or water damage
  • The ground around your house is sinking

It’s natural for your home to shift and settle over time, but the best way to prevent a pricier problem is to stay vigilant and be on the lookout for these warning signs. Your home will tell you when something is wrong so long as you’re on the lookout.

Want to make the process easier? Use the ZYYAH app to get helpful home management reminders so you can prevent, stay ahead of, or anticipate major home repairs.

So You Need Foundation Repair. What’s Next?

If you start to notice one or more warning signs, the first thing to do is take an assessment of the rest of the home. It’s possible a small crack or a sticky door indicates a natural, uneventful and temporary shift. But if you notice more than one symptom, it’s time to call in the experts. While many people live in a home with foundation issues, ignoring the problem can cascade into more and more costly repairs.

If you’re considering moving any time soon, any needed foundation repairs could scare away potential buyers and leave you with a large bill while you’re trying to move out. In fact, foundation issues lead to a decline in property value of up to 15%.

Putting off repairs for longer could lead to an array of problems such as:

Cosmetic and structural damage

  • A faulty foundation will create a ripple effect throughout the home, causing damage to everything attached to it. Cracks in interior and exterior walls, eroded mortar in tile floors, and seal failures in doors and windows are just some of the knock-on effects of a failed foundation.

Water damage

  • If your foundation is too lopsided, heavy rain or snowfall could lead to water seeping into your living area – especially if you have a basement or crawl space.


  • Everyone’s worst nightmare. Depending on the foundation’s issues the pipes surrounding your foundation can be stressed or broken, leading to water damage and plumbing repair on top of everything else.

The Cost of Foundation Repair

Foundation repairs are some of the priciest repairs you could encounter as a homeowner. Average foundation repair can cost between $2,000 and $7,500 with the national average being $4,500. Severe foundation problems could cost up to $25,000. Here is a breakdown of areas most affected by foundation repair:

Foundation crack repair

  • Over 1/8” wide crack in the foundation: $250 to $800 per crack

Foundation-related leak repair

  • $2,500 to $5,000 to seal and waterproof

Sinking foundation repair

  • What’s needed and your options vary the price considerably. Most sinking foundations require additional piers be installed under the home. Whether you install pressed pilings, steel piers or concrete mini-pilings depends on your budget, your preferences and your soil; what’s best in north Texas is different than what’s best in Colorado. Budget between $400 to $2,500 per pier to lift the house depending on the type of pier used and whether piers need to be installed along only the exterior wall (less expensive) or smack below the home (more expensive). The number of piers required depends on the size of the house. On average, most reinforcement jobs consist of 8-10 piers.

Bowed basement wall repair

  • Any wall that has bowed less than 2” can be repaired with carbon fiber or epoxy for $5,000. For a bowed basement that has moved over 2” it could cost as much as $15,000

It’s important to us that as a Zember you are equipped to make the most informed decision about repairs to your home and who is doing those repairs. Once you realize that foundation repair is necessary, follow our tips for how to find the best Pro for the job.

How to Find the Right Foundation Repair Company

Finding the best pro for the job can be a challenge. With everything online, it can be hard to tell the trusted experts from those who aren’t worth your time. We recommend researching Home Services Professionals using a trusted network to find your foundation repair company.

To start, ask people you trust, like your Real Estate Agent, friends, and family whether they have a recommended pro you can use. You can easily find your recommended Foundation Repair Professionals with the ZYYAH app by looking at your Agent’s home team. These are vetted professionals your Agent trusts to get the job done.

An important thing to look out for when seeking a foundation repair pro is checking to see how long they have been in business. You’ll also want to ensure all the information you’re given matches what you can find in a google search. Finally, make sure their google reviews go back a few years and appear to have been posted by real people. Don’t trust reviews if a large batch appears to have been posted back-to-back. A quick crosscheck across multiple platforms like the Better Business Bureau could save you thousands in unnecessary repairs or potential headaches if something goes wrong and the warranty is no longer valid or you can’t get ahold of the business.

A poor job done by an unreputable company could leave you holding the bag. Making the search for a trusted Home Services Professional recommended by experts you know is the foundation of ZYYAH’s platform. So if you haven’t already, click here to download for iOS or click here to download for Android.

Get in touch with a trusted Pro by clicking Find-a-Pro to schedule routine maintenance and checkups on your foundation!

How to Prevent Foundation Damage

If you don’t currently have foundation issues, let’s keep it that way! The best thing you can do is maintain an appropriate level of ground moisture level year-round. This means that in dryer months use soaker hoses and ensure proper drainage in wetter months. Some techniques for maintaining the right level of moisture:

  • Cleaning gutters and downspouts
  • Maintain gently sloped landscaping that angles down away from the home
  • Install drains where you notice marshy or puddled area
  • Install a smart sprinkler system
  • Don’t plant trees around/near the foundation
  • Repair any small cracks before they turn into big ones
  • Test underground sources for leaks
  • Perform regular foundation inspections

We hope you never run into significant foundational issues, but if you do let ZYYAH know how we can help!

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4 Ways Technology Has Impacted The Real Estate Industry

Technology shapes the way we live, so it only makes sense that it shapes how we buy and sell real estate. Existing and emerging technologies have been disrupting the real estate industry for years, from your late-night cruising of million-dollar listings to getting approved for a home loan while you binge the latest Netflix series. Technology is driving new and exciting ways for us all to engage with an industry that has historically been a mystery to many. Simply put, it’s easier than ever for home buyers and sellers to find what they need to buy or sell a property thanks to technology.

Here are four ways technology has impacted the real estate industry:

Online Listings & All That Comes With Them

Gone are the days of printed ads in newspapers and magazines. Websites, and apps that make viewing the inventory of an area and see what’s available easy. Couple that with the easily accessible and detailed property descriptions and photos, which can include everything from tax history to local school ratings, and many individuals already have a fair grasp of a property before they ever reach out to an agent, or step foot on the property.

Mobile Apps Accesibility

These days it feels like the world really could fit in the palm of our hands, thanks to mobile apps. Today’s apps are empowering people to own their real estate journey. From helping buyers filter through new properties to easy access to budgeting and other financial services and tools.

E-signing Services & Cloud Integration

Thanks to technology, real estate transactions no longer mean that real estate agents lose time chasing signatures. Our ability to send, share, and sign documents safely are being utilized in a number of ways within the real estate industry, from lending to closing. And, while COVID may have been what pushed the industry to move many in-person exchanges to remote, the ease and efficiency that technology has offered likely mean that, for many, its use is here to stay.

Automation & Consistency

Every job has a host of repetitive tasks that eat away at our days, and realtors, landlords, property managers, and other real estate professionals are no exception. From making it easier to fill out the same form for multiple properties by auto-filling information to automating marketing and messaging. Technologies are allowing real estate professionals to provide their clients, and potential clients, with consistent and informed service that goes above and beyond.

Technology offers buyers, sellers, and real estate pros convenience that is also cost-effective and secure. Allowing for more connection, service, and reach that benefits the real estate industry, and the communities that it serves, as a whole. And, as innovation continues to surge forward we can only imagine how technology will continue to elevate and enrich the real estate industry.

Here at ZYYAH, we are working around the clock to find new and exciting ways to make technology work for homeowners, real estate professionals, and home service professionals alike. Creating stronger communities and empowering homeowners to truly own their home management journey. If you are a homeowner that’s ready to feel supported no matter what your home sends your way, head to the app store and sign up for our free platform today, we can’t wait to help you home best!

Home Buying During The Holidays: What You Need To Know

Buying a home can be stressful, buying a home during the holidays usually magnifies those feelings. If you are adding homebuying to the hustle and bustle of planning for presents and travel, there’s a good chance that it could start to feel like too much. However, we like to think that buying a home during the Holidays does have some perks.

If you are a first-time buyer or someone looking for the best deal, buying a home during the winter chill could be the better option. Read on for our three reasons house hunting, and buying, during the holiday season may be worth adding to your to-do list and a couple of tips to make it a little less stressful.

House Hunting During The Holidays Isn’t All Bad

Lower Prices

In a normal housing market, if a seller is listing a home through the winter that is often an indication that they are more motivated to sell. Because of this, you, the buyer, may have more negotiation power. And, what’s better than getting the best possible price for a home? Even with recent skyrocketing housing prices, buying a home during the holidays may give you the price break you need to find the right home.

Less Competition

Real estate transactions tend to ebb and flow with the seasons, with most home-buying and selling occurring while it’s warm outside. Typically people do not aim to move during the colder months due to how unpredictable weather can make everything. With fewer people looking, some of the stress of house hunting can be eased. Even better, you will be less likely to deal with nasty bidding wars. You can breathe knowing your best offer has a better chance of being accepted, and you may just be able to get into your new home ahead of schedule.

Home Awareness

Buying during the colder months exposes you, the buyer, to issues with the house that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Perhaps the home has a steep driveway that ices over, or the home doesn’t have suitable insulation and/or HVAC issues. While, it may not sound positive to say that the colder weather makes it easy to identify issues with a home, being a well-informed buyer will be to your benefit.

Tips For Tackling Home Buying During The Holidays

Make your inspection a priority 

Due to the unpredictable weather, an inspection can often be harder to schedule. Planning ahead and/or getting your inspection set up as quickly as possible will help keep you moving towards closing day. Also, ensuring that you’re working with the industry’s most trusted professionals can help prevent future headaches as well. And, if you’re ever wondering how to find the best of the best in your community, ZYYAH can help.

Preplan & Get Pre-approval

The holidays can be a stressful time financially. If you are starting your search for a home during the holiday season, get your gift purchases and travel planning out of the way early. Then take one big unknown out of the equation and make sure you are heading to open houses with preapproval. Knowing exactly what you have to work with will make the search and buying process that much more efficient. And, don’t forget, no big purchases between that pre-approval and closing day.

Ultimately, timing the purchase of a home comes down to if you are ready, and if it is a good fit for you at the time. However, with a little extra planning and keeping an eye on the weather, house hunting, and home buying during the holidays could be downright magical and even save you money.

Last-Minute Gift Guide For Homeowners

‘Tis the season to give great gifts and if you’re shopping for a homeowner, you may be wondering what gifts are sure to become a staple in their home. We asked the ZYYAH team what gifts they’re giving and came up with a gift guide with 15 ideas, ranging from $15 to $350, that are sure to please.

Flannel Fleece Throw Blanket – $14.99

Why They’ll Love It

Nothing feels more like home than curling up with a blanket and binge-watching the latest show. Give your favorite homeowner the gift of warmth this holiday season and bonus points for matching it to their decor.

Customer Review

“I bought this because my friend has one and I fell in love with it. But it seems even my dog loves this blanket!” — Joshua C.


Laposso Milk Frother – $15.89

Why They’ll Love It

Support your friends and family’s fancy coffee addiction while looking out for their pocketbook by giving them the ability to froth their favorite milk, dairy or non-dairy, to their heart’s content.

Customer Review

“I have had my new one for almost a month now and I believe I’ve only charged twice and I use it daily! The froth I get from this was is AMAZING!!! Highly highly recommend!!!” — Deavin W.


Amber Glass Soap Dispensers – $15.99

Why They’ll Love It

If you’re buying for someone that is a sucker for shows like Fixer Upper, upgrading their soap situation with these amber glass soap dispensers will be a welcomed gift.

Customer Review

“These are amazing soap dispensers. The amber glass is sturdy and strong, and the pump works great. They’re easy to fill and they look so good on your bathroom or kitchen countertop. Highly recommend!” – Emily


Urban Map Glasses – $18.00

Why They’ll Love It

With these glasses’ etched urban maps, featuring some of the world’s most famous cities, you don’t have to wander far to feed their wanderlust.

Customer Review

“Great gift. The recipient was super excited and instantly started identifying places on the map!” — K.S.


Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener – $19.99

Why They’ll Love It

While a bottle of wine is a traditional housewarming gift, the gift of an electric bottle opener shows that you really care, making it easy to open any bottle of wine. If you haven’t had a chance to use one of these, you just might want to add an extra to your cart for your own home.

Customer Review

“I got this gift for a friend with arthritic hands who is also a regular wine drinker – she absolutely loved it. No more painful use of traditional wine openers! Very reasonable price for the value it brings. 5 stars!” — Carl & Kerry


Star Wars Pyrex 8-pc Set – $37.28

Why They’ll Love It

If you’re shopping for a homeowner that’s also a Star Wars fan, you cannot go wrong with Pyrex’s Star Wars themed sets. Simply put, you can almost never have enough Pyrex in your home, and adding a legendary theme only makes them better.

Customer Review

“These arrived super fast and are so cute! My wife and I are both Star Wars fans, and we were so excited about these. They appear to have the same Pyrex quality that we have come to know and love.” – Robert


Vacuum Sealer Machine – $43.99

Why They’ll Love It

Food waste be gone. This vacuum sealer will help any homeowner make the most of their groceries and could even help them level up their culinary skills. Get ready for some dinner invites in 2022!

Customer Review

“…I’ve used this machine so many times already and we absolutely love it! So far we’ve put up vegetables from our garden to enjoy throughout the winter season and I love it for extending the life of produce from lettuce to tomatoes to berries. Also great for keeping chips and crackers fresh.” -Angie


Charcuterie Set – $45.99

Why They’ll Love It

We all have that one friend that LOVES cheese. This set will not only take their boards to an Instagram-worthy level, but it will also make entertaining easier for years to come.

Customer Review

The quality of the cheeseboard is great compared to the previous one I bought. It’s easy and convenient to cut the cheese and ham using their cutlery set. Would buy one more for Christmas gift!!!” – Ruijie


4 Quart Air Fryer – $79.95

Why They’ll Love It

This 4 Quart Air Fryer takes what has quickly become everyone’s go-to appliance a step further by allowing you to roast, broil, bake, reheat, and dehydrate food. Making the answer to ‘What’s for dinner?’ easy to answer, any day of the week.

Customer Review

“I’d been contemplating buying an air fryer for quite some time, but it wasn’t until I found myself cooking every night with my family due to COVID-19 that I finally decided it was the right time to get one. It happens to be made by the same company that makes the crowd-favorite Instant Pot. I figured I would be using this appliance primarily as an air fryer, but as an added bonus, it can also roast, broil, bake, reheat, and dehydrate food.” – Sam


Bread Maker Machine – $67.99

Why They’ll Love It

With 12 settings: French, quick bread (no yeast), sweet, 1.5-pound express, 2-pound express, dough, and cake, this dishwasher-safe bread machine is ready to make just about any loaf a person could want.

Customer Review

“The machine is perfect!!!!. I already made two loaves of bread yesterday and am getting ready to make another loaf today. If you are lazy like me and would rather put all the ingredients into a machine and let it do all the work, this is the bread maker for you.” — Pam


Harvest AreoGarden – $99.95

Why They’ll Love It

Even someone with a ‘black thumb’ can grow fresh herbs with this garden that looks like something out of a sci-fi comic. They can even set automatic reminders for water and plant food to ensure that this is a gift that keeps on giving.

Customer Review

“Got this a couple of weeks ago. I’ve wanted one FOREVER. Easy setup with easy instructions and it was done and working its magic in 10 minutes. imagine my excitement when just a few days later I had a sprout! the awesome design and ease of use. It tells you when it needs water or nutrients (liquid, in a bottle). You will not regret this purchase!” – Amy


Towel Warmer – $159.99

Why They’ll Love It

Save your favorite homeowner from having to feel a chill after a hot shower or bath with this sleek towel warmer. With no installation necessary and four timer settings, it is an unexpected way to make a daily routine a little more luxe.

Customer Review

“Absolutely my favorite thing purchased from Amazon. You will never be able to take a shower without this once you have it. Just like right out of the dryer towels!” — Erin


Prepdeck Recipe Preparation Kit – $149

Why They’ll Love It

This gift is made for the homeowner that’s also a self-proclaimed ‘health nut.’ If you are shopping for someone that loves to spend their Sunday’s meal prepping, this will be a welcomed addition to their kitchen lineup.

Customer Review

 “I LOVE this! I am a professional chef and am usually very skeptical of “home chef” products, I got this as a gift and I am OBSESSED. The containers are perfect sizes and everything cleans so easily, it’s also super easy to transport if you need to cook somewhere else. 10/10 I love this.” – Stephanie


Judy Emergency Kit – $195

Why They’ll Love It

While it may not be your usual gift, this prepackaged ‘go-bag’ includes everything a homeowner needs to feel a little more prepared for the unexpected and here at ZYYAH we’re big fans of providing a little bit of peace of mind.

Customer Review

Thanks, Judy! I’ve been meaning to put together emergency go bags for my family for years and just felt overwhelmed. Your backpacks gave me the perfect place to start. With just a little bit of personalization, I have a complete kit for the trunk of each of our cars.” — Monica


5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer – $349.99

Why They’ll Love It

This mixer is THE gift to give the gourmet chef on your shopping list. With what seems like endless possibilities and a legendary reputation, this stand mixer will likely never be put away.

Customer Review

“This is absolutely perfect for the holidays when making multiple cakes and pies. It mixes batters and doughs with ease. I’ve noticed that my cakes turn out fluffier… when using this mixer compared to other hand mixers. I like that the speed settings are adjustable which is perfect if you want a gentler “hand mix” or a faster electronic mix. I use this every time I bake” — Jet

And, finally, if you want to give the gift of radically simple home management, you can always tell your family and friends about ZYYAH this holiday season.

Liability & Trick-Or-Treating: What You Need To Know

Whether you have kids or not, Trick-or-Treating is a fun night of costumes and candies. While we don’t want to take away from all the fun, as a homeowner, you do have a level of responsibility for the guests on your property. So, to ensure that you don’t have to spend the night worrying about potential liability, should a Trick-or-Treater accidentally get hurt on your property, here are some of the basics you need to know.

Are Trick-Or-Treaters Guests?

In short, yes. If your porch light is turned on during Trick-Or-Treating, that can be considered an invitation onto the property. Making Trick-Or-Treaters your guests, and causing you to have a level of responsibility for their safety on your property. Should your porch light be turned off, that is translated as not offering an invitation, making any Trick-Or-Treater that comes onto your property a trespasser.

Premises Liability & Trick-Or-Treating

As a property owner, you have a responsibility to create a reasonable and safe environment for guests. And if a guest is injured on your property due to your inability to provide that safe environment, you may be deemed responsible. However, it’s not that simple, there are a couple of things that need to be a part of the incident to constitute liability; actual damages, and negligent conduct being the reason for an injury.

It could be as simple as your Halloween decorations malfunctioning and hurting a guest, or even a simple trip and fall due to uneven pavement (that you should have fixed when you used our fall checklist to prepare your house for fall and winter). Ultimately, you are responsible for providing appropriate warnings for any dangers, or hazardous areas, of your property and/or taking actions to amend any and all risks possible (like that uneven pavement we just talked about).

What About Dogs?

We love our furry friends but Halloween can be a tough night for Fido. From spooky decorations to masks and costumes, there is a lot happening that is not normal and for many dogs, their threshold for the unknown can be reached quickly, causing even a mild-mannered dog to act abnormally. As the property owner and dog owner, you are responsible for the actions of your pet. Because of that, we recommend making your pets comfortably safe in a room away from where you will be handing out treats, with some soft music, or sounds to drown out any unexpected noises, and don’t forget to provide snacks and water as well. Ultimately, for the team at ZYYAH, it is not worth the risk of what could go wrong if your pet is startled.

Can Tricks Cause Problems?

Halloween means TRICKS and treats. If you love to set the mood on your property with scary decorations and lighting there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly be aware of the area around where you plan on scaring the guests on your property. For example, don’t set up a ‘jump scare’ (find an example of a classic candy bowl jump scare at the 13:45 mark) at the top of steps, should your guest fall backwards down the steps when. Secondly, be aware of the materials and/or props used to scare your guests. Avoid anything that is sharp, hard, or could generally cause harm. Finally, it’s spooky season, so don’t be afraid to have some fun, just make sure that you are aware of how your trick will be experienced by someone that is not familiar with your property.

Some Things To Think Of Before Trick-Or-Treating

  • Are there any cracks or uneven pavement or steps that I need to address?
  • Is my property lit well enough to navigate easily?
  • Are my walkways clear of debris?
  • Is there anything on my lawn, the garden or near my walkways that could harm my guests?
  • If I scaring Trick-Or-Treaters is the area safe and is my ‘scare plan’ reasonable?
  • Remember that Trick-Or-Treaters are not familiar with your property, it is worth walking through your property with that in mind to identify any potential issues.

Taking a few extra minutes in your preparation to ensure that your guests are safe and that you can enjoy handing out treats without any concerns. Leaving you to raid your candy bowl, or your child’s loot, with some peace of mind.

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