Empowering Homeowners

Tools, information and resources to run your home efficiently and cost-effectively.

The best in home mortgage, insurance, warranty, utility, security, maintenance and upgrade options—all in one place.

Automated assistance to keep you on top of home details and schedules so routine maintenance is done on-time.

Catalog, store, manage, secure and share home information from anywhere.


ZYYAH is your comprehensive home digital assistant.

ZYYAH Homeowner Benefits


Buy products and services with rebates

Find innovative home services and products you need


Enjoy a full range of maintenance options

Organize your home information from anywhere

Monitor and grow the equity value of your home


Ensure you have the right insurance for your needs

Schedule routine tasks, get automatic notices

Store confidential home information safely and securely

Access a certified home pro and real estate network

Access the best suite of home transaction options

Why BE a ZEMBER™ Homeowner?

It’s very simple.

ZYYAH Zembers manage home information and grow their equity value, all in one place.

Zembers have access to the greatest number of options for mortgage, utility, warranty, insurance, security, maintenance and upgrade options.


ZEMBERS save money and time as they manage their home.


Introducing the ZEMBER™ Dashboard!

ZYYAH’s ZEMBER Homeowner Dashboard is the most comprehensive, organized, connected and powerful home management tool available. You keep track of all your home details, safely and securely, find home pros, schedule service, find remodel or upgrade ideas and shop for products that you want.

Become a ZEMBER™!

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