The Best Way to Home

ZYYAH is the digital home management companion that places the power of homeownership in the palm of your hand! ZYYAH gets to know you and your home to provide personalized guidance that makes your homeowner experience radically simple.

How ZYYAH helps

Build your
home’s history
Centralize key home data, important documents, and inventory to create a CARFAX® for your home securely stored in your ZYYAH Vault™.
Receive customized
home insights
Create a personalized plan for your home with customized insights and recommendations, every step of the way.
Boost your confidence
as a homeowner
Manage your home easily with ZYYAH as it guides you with comprehensive and user-friendly inspections and home health reports.


ZYYAH features innovative ways to manage your home through the aggregation of key home data, documents, and inventory. ZYYAH creates a personalized plan for your home’s upkeep that allows you to rest easy, feeling confident as a homeowner.

The ZYYAH vision

ZYYAH’s mission is to pioneer a hassle-free home experience whether you’re buying, living in, or selling your home. ZYYAH makes it easy to manage, maintain, protect, document, repair, remodel, buy and sell, all through one platform.
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