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ZYYAH is the digital home companion that leverages technology, expert knowledge, and relationships to radically simplify home management. ZYYAH gets to know you and your home to provide personalized guidance that places the power of homeownership all in the palm of your hand!


How ZYYAH Helps

Receive Customized Home Insights
The more you interact with ZYYAH, the more ZYYAH can help. ZYYAH gets to know you and your home to provide you with a personalized maintenance plan and home insights.
Build Your Home’s History
The ZYYAH App centralizes your home’s key data and activities, home inventory, and important documents that are stored securely within your ZYYAH Vault™. ZYYAH utilizes the information stored within the Vault combined with advanced analytics to drive your personalized homeownership experience.
Effortlessly Manage Your Home
Manage your home knowing that every decision you make is powered by ZYYAH’s technology and the knowledge of real estate and home service experts.

The ZYYAH Community

ZYYAH’s community exists to empower homeowners and elevate the professionals that serve them. How can ZYYAH help you home best?


For many Americans, your home is possibly your largest asset and requires regular maintenance and management. However, that doesn’t mean owning a home should be a chore. By harnessing technology and innovation ZYYAH is able to radically simplify your home management experience to elevate and empower you, while supporting the appreciation of your home.

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Real Estate Pro

The Real Estate Industry is being disrupted daily by new technologies. ZYYAH has developed a growing community of partnerships that protect your role by providing the tools you need to work efficiently, increasing lead generation, providing your clients with service that goes far beyond the expected, and growing new and existing revenue streams.

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Service Pro

Never pay for another dead-end lead again, let your work and relationships generate high-quality leads and grow your business. ZYYAH’s referral-driven community leverages your existing network to increase the quality and volume of leads, streamline your project communications, and drive recurring revenue with scheduled home maintenance projects.

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