ZYYAH is powered by technologists, real estate professionals, home builders, and product experts that make home management radically simple.

It’s easy to think you need multiple apps to manage your home or fall into the trap of using Google to navigate the homeownership journey alone. When it comes to the upkeep of your home, ZYYAH knows all too well that homeownership should be a thrilling ride, not a high-speed chase through a million bumps in the road.

The Best Way to Home


ZYYAH makes it easy for homeowners like you to feel confident in your home’s upkeep.


You don’t have to call your pals or parents at odd hours of the night to get home management advice.


You never have to take up your phone’s storage with multiple different apps again; ZYYAH centralizes the homeownership experience.


ZYYAH equips and empowers homeowners. ZYYAH helps do the hard work of home management for you, then guides you to become more confident in running your home!

Hassle-free home management

As homeowners ourselves, our mission is to pioneer a hassle-free home experience. We created ZYYAH to empower homeowners with a well-designed platform to care for, improve upon, and protect their biggest asset.

When you need advice on the right home protection plans, ZYYAH delivers. When you need to quickly snag your mortgage documents due to an emergency, ZYYAH has them safely tucked away in your ZYYAH Vault™. Or when you need to assess everything in your home down to the coffee mug to make a claim, ZYYAH knows your home like the back of its digital hand, so your home and valuables are fully protected!

ZYYAH makes homeownership easy. You no longer need to hesitate over whether homeownership is for you or if you have what it takes to navigate the journey. ZYYAH is the perfect companion for keeping you on top of your home, every step of the way!

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