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Let Your Network Do The Work

You have worked hard to build a reputation and network that speaks for your quality of work. Let ZYYAH’s exclusive, free-to-use platform to power those relationships and drive your growth. Built upon trust, the ZYYAH community connects homeowners (Zembers), real estate professionals, and home service professionals to drive more high-quality leads to you while providing you with the opportunity to monetize your existing customers for life.


Leverage Your Relationships & Never Pay for Leads Again

Technology has changed the way your customers research home service professionals and make decisions. We know that the strongest leads are those that come from your existing network. Unlike the traditional marketing platforms where you pay hoping for results, with ZYYAH you only get results and the only cost to you is a small commission for actual paid work. ZYYAH harnesses your network to grow your business.

What Others Are Saying

“ZYYAH is so easy to use and helped me grow my database and get new customers instantly…”
Jeff | App User
“I’m very grateful to be on a platform that doesn’t make me pay for leads…”
Keith | App User
“I like that the leads I get from ZYYAH come from a past customer, they are more confident and sure about moving forward…”
Amanda | App User
“I love how ZYYAH reminds my clients when they are due for scheduled maintenance.. makes my job easier”
Alex | App User
“The best way to connect with customers”
Gary | App User

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