Meet ZYYAH. Your digital home management companion!

What do a tech pro, real estate leader, & residential home builder have in common?

After several guys’ nights out, three friends noticed their time together was consistently becoming all about their homeowning headaches and less about enjoying each other’s company. They realized that though there were loads of apps and information out there for homeowners, there lacked a solution that truly inspired confidence when it came to fully managing the home and feeling in control.

So, the three joined forces to design a futuristic friend that would combine all their expertise into an easy-to-use digital solution to make home management “radically simple.” ZYYAH was born … a lifelong tool that empowers new and seasoned homeowners to take control of their homes and become the expert every step of the way whether they’re buying, selling, or maintaining their current home.



Bret Hatfield



Jack Cecil



Kris Goggans


Our Values



ZYYAH is forward-thinking to help homeowners anticipate and prepare ahead of the curve.



ZYYAH is passionate about making things easier, organized, and hassle-free.



ZYYAH values homeowner empowerment and is dedicated to not only guiding you, but equipping you with useful insights and decision-making knowledge.



In today’s world, connection is key. ZYYAH prides itself on personable digital experiences that build trust and digital connectivity to assure our users that we are fully invested in their home journey.

The Best Way to Home

Today’s seasoned and first-time homeowners have a desire to do things themselves and get guidance, recommendations, or insights as needed where they can save time, money, and energy.

We offer quick and easy insights that reveal hidden problems or unseen opportunities about your home.

ZYYAH is the friend that makes life easier and empowers you to manage your home smarter
so you can do more living and focus where it matters!

Partner with us

Strengthen relationships & broaden your network with ZYYAH

ZYYAH provides and keeps you in direct contact with homeowners; when they become sellers and buyers, you’re already there to provide the professional support they need.

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