Manage your home, from anywhere

Homeownership is complex. ZYYAH makes it simple. We provide all the tools to manage your home and connect you to products, services and experts you need.
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ZYYAH opens the door to radically simple homeownership

Secure your documents
Store important home documents in a safe centralized place, always accessible.
Protect your home
Build a custom home protection plan—insurance, warranties and maintenance.
Plan improvements 
Connect to an extensive network of local, vetted professionals to tackle any repair or renovation.
Inventory your home
Take inventory of each room in your home with ZYYAH’s secure, scan feature to assess the value of your home and prepare for any emergency.
Get expert advice
Work with a home advisor for guidance on coverage and home project referrals.
Feel at home
An intuitive interface helps you organize and manage your home the way you want.

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