New Technology To Propel You Forward

Emerging technologies are reshaping the real estate industry. As a real estate agent, you experience these changes every day, and it may even feel as though many new technologies are working against you.

Today’s informed consumers are self-reliant which presents agents with the challenge of making these relationships meaningful to ensure that your influence and ability to earn are not a victim of increased efficiency.

Tools That Empower & Elevate You

Connecting people to solutions through the power of home!

While other platforms and technologies may have left more to be desired in the past, ZYYAH’s mission is to empower you and keep YOU front and center in each transaction, and beyond.

How you can win a $50 Amazon Gift Card

We are rewarding points for each stage of signing up for the platform. The people with the most points will enter a raffle and we will draw 5 names to win a $50 Amazon gift card.

  • Attend our zoom webinar walk-through (1 point) 
  • Sign up for ZYYAH and complete your profile (1 point)
  • Invite a Pro (1 point)

The more points you get the better chance you have of winning!

We will announce the winners on Friday 10/21

What ZYYAH Offers



ZYYAH’s level of integration empowers you to connect with your clients on a deeper level, ensuring that the relationship is elevated, even outside of transactions.



With ZYYAH staying ahead of any curve is easier than ever because of its ability to connect you with client and service pros easier than ever before



ZYYAH will continue to evolve, offering new and exciting solutions that enrich your career and elevate the communities you serve in turn

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