Hi, We’re ZYYAH!

We’re on a mission to place the power of homeownership in the palm of your hand by bringing together all the tools and insights homeowners need to make home management radically simple.

ZYYAH’s innovative platform centralizes key home data, documents, and inventory with trusted knowledge, helpful advice, and tips effectively creating a personalized home management experience.


ZYYAH + Home Inspector Pro

We’ve partnered with Home Inspector Pro to help you provide service that goes above and beyond the expected.

One of the ways we are supporting both you and your clients is by simplifying the delivery and storage of your clients’ home inspection by automatically placing it in their ZYYAH Vault™; our cloud-based storage system that is designed to keep your important documents safe, secure, and organized. The ZYYAH™ Vault makes it easier than ever for your clients to access your report (from anywhere) as they work through the closing process on their new home.

As a ZYYAH Pro, you will not only be able to provide your clients with access to the ZYYAH platform and all the tools that come with it, but you will also be able to build new revenue streams when you connect your clients with the real estate and service pros they need most AND when they utilize the ZYYAH App to fine-tune and purchase their insurance and home warranty plans.

What The Platform Offers Your Clients



The ZYYAH Vault™ was built to protect and organize whats most important, from documents to your home inventory taken with ZYYAH’s Video Inventory tool that designed to document everything in your home.



Utilizing your home’s data, ZYYAH will be able to recommend a personalized maintenance plan schedule and To-Do-List to keep you and your home on track.



Knowing who to call during a home emergency is not an easy task. With ZYYAH you can connect with trusted real estate and service professionals to build a HomeTeam and never have to look at a Google review again.



The ZYYAH team is made up of leaders within their field and our library of useful tips, tricks, and information is constantly growing, so you can learn from our experience and knowledge.

Empower Your Future With ZYYAH

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