Welcome to the ZEMBER™ DASHBOARD™

The ZEMBER DASHBOARD is your portal into a better home ownership experience. Find the very best in home management information, products, and services. This home living dashboard also holds new opportunities for real estate agents and home pros.

The ZEMBER DASHBOARD brings together, in one place, all that you need to maximize your home living experience.

1. A secure, safe home living platform
2. A comprehensive marketplace for home products and services
3. Networks of certified home pros and real estate agents
4. A complete set of online tools to grow opportunity

The ZEMBER DASHBOARD Harnesses The Power Of Everything Real Estate.

ZYYAH Mobile Home Living Dashboard First Look

A Comprehensive Home Management, Real Estate Agent Opportunity And Home Pro Tool.

The ZEMBER DASHBOARD helps homeowners collect and secure home information in one place. Homeowners can shop, compare, and save on things like utilities, insurance, mortgages, and home repair costs.

ZYYAH Desktop Home Living Dashboard

For Real Estate Agents and Home Pros, the ZEMBER DASHBOARD upgrades client relationships by helping you bring new value to clients and benefit to your network. Real Estate Agents and Home Pros also have access to new, recurring referral income.

Comprehensive home management functionality

Markets that have what you need, and the price you want

Cost savings and a source of new income opportunity

Accessible anytime, anywhere from any platform


Safe, secure and confidental information storage

A Better Home Ownership Experience. Really.

Zember Homeowner DASHBOARD™

Your centralized home information, management, maintenance and upgrade destination. Homeowners have access to:

1. A comprehensive home information management tool
2. Insurance, warranty, security, utility and other marketplaces
3. Automated notification of routine maintenance needs
4. A certified home pro network that loves your home like you do
5. Real estate agent services that maximize the value of your home

The DASHBOARD™ Empowers Homeowners To Maximize Their Living Experiences.

More Real Estate And Home Pro Opportunity.

Zember Real Estate And Home Pro DASHBOARD ™

Your gateway to deeper client relationships, new opportunity, referral income and securing your next deal. Real Estate Agents and Home Pros rely on the ZEMBER DASHBOARD for:

1. Market insights and information that uncovers opportunity
2. A product and service market that creates referral income
3. Client “stickiness” that keeps them coming back to you
4. Marketing and opportunity management tools—at no cost to you!
5. To make more money

The DASHBOARD™ Protects And Empowers Agents And Pros To Have New Income.

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