Home Management Made Simple

Homeownership is complex. ZYYAH makes it radically simple. By building all the tools and knowledge you need into our intuitive platform, ZYYAH is able to guide you to the products, services, and experts you need while providing you with powerful insights about your home experience.


ZYYAH Opens the Door to Radically Simple Homeownership

At ZYYAH, we refer to homeowners as Zembers. Being a Zember grants you access to tools and knowledge that empower how you manage your home best, at no cost to you.

Tools such as ZYYAH’s personalized To-Do List help you keep track of your home’s management and maintenance tasks, and even set your home’s maintenance on autopilot. If you need to call a home service professional for support, ZYYAH will help you easily connect with trusted professionals to tackle projects big and small.

ZYYAH’s insurance tools and knowledge allow you to easily inventory your home, making the claims process easy and ensuring your coverage is prepared to protect you should disaster strike.  ZYYAH connects you with insurance experts that will utilize your home’s information to provide personalized and cost-effective coverage options quickly.

Below are all the ways ZYYAH can help you home better!

  • ZYYAH Vault
  • ZYYAH Digital Home AdviZor
  • Home, Auto, Life & Mortgage Protection Insurance
  • Home Mortgage
  • Home Title
  • Home Warranty
  • Home Concierge
  • Home Security
  • Home Moving & Storage
  • Home Innovative Products
  • Home Repair
  • Home Remodel/Renovation
  • Home Redesign
  • Home Preventative Maintenance
  • More to come!

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The Best Way to Home, Starting Now

ZYYAH’s mission is to pioneer a hassle-free home experience whether you’re buying, living in, or selling your home. ZYYAH makes it easy to manage, maintain, protect, document, repair, remodel, buy and sell, all through one platform.

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What Others Are Saying

“I love the peace of mind that the vault provides. I know exactly where my important documents are all the time…”
Sam | App User
“Buying our first home was so exciting but the projects started before we packed our first moving box and haven’t stopped. I like that ZYYAH keeps me on top of the important things so I never have to worry.”
Renee | App User
“We had a great experience… I would highly recommend…”
Kristin | Certus Title Customer
“I’m going to be honest, I had never taken the time to inventory my home before but the video inventory tool was so cool to use.”
Adam | App User
“ ZYYAH has helped me to better understand my insurance and even helped me know when it was time to change my coverage…”
Meghan | App User

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