Easiest DIY Home Projects

Got a small budget and a little bit of elbow grease? Try these easily accessible projects. At ZYYAH, we know that you’re what makes a house into a home. Here’s how to do it yourself.

Paint Swap

A coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to make a visible difference to the look and feel of your home. For the cost of a can of paint, you can completely change the mood of a room with an accent wall or paint the whole room. The main skill it takes to successfully complete this project is the patience. ZYYAH even scans and aggregates your paint color down to the code, so that you can reorder in the future with trusted retailers at the click of a button!

Kitchen Lighting Glow Up

Many modern kitchens have evolved to become more than just a place where food is prepared. It’s a meeting place, a family-hub, a place to make memories. For these reasons, making the most out of your kitchen lighting is absolutely crucial. With a couple hundred bucks you can select and install a simple lighting upgrade that will compliment your space.

Update Cabinetry Hardware

You don’t have to do a full kitchen remodel to give your kitchen a new feel. In addition to the lighting, another easy way to give your kitchen a different aesthetic is to update your cabinetry hardware – the handles and knobs – also known as the cufflinks of your cabinets. These small changes can give your kitchen a dramatic effect, and there is an almost overwhelming abundance of options to choose from at your local hardware store.

Chalk Accent Wall

A chalk accent wall adds a unique twist to a paint swap. Most DIYers enjoy placing chalk walls in spaces where to-do lists are needed, kids’ rooms, or spaces like a quirky home office. This minor upgrade is a fun choice and can be accomplished in a couple of hours.

Add a Smart Lock

Believe it or not, traditional keys to the home are not that secure! There’s a variety of modern technologies that can be used to copy them. You can avoid this problem while increasing convenience by installing a smart lock on your home’s door. It’s a lot more challenging for a thief to break the digital lock then a traditional one. And it’s less likely you’ll misplace your phone over your keys, give it a try!

When it comes to DIYing your home, we want you to have fun with it. When it comes to repairs and maintenance that require a professional, we want you to feel confident and trust that ZYYAH has you covered in an instant when you need the job done. Simply login to the app, book your repairman, and you’ll get reliable service from our recommended local experts!

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