What’s All Your Stuff Worth? You Should Find Out

At some point in time, everyone wants to know what the majority of the things around their home are worth. Whether it’s a fish tank that has been sitting around unused or a smart TV you use to binge watch your favorite shows, there’s a good reason to find out. Once you have a bird’s-eye view of all your valuables, we can help you figure out whether you’re over-covered or under-covered, and what to do about it to make sure your stuff is protected. No matter what the dollar amount is, we know it may be priceless to you.

What is a home inventory?

It’s exactly what it sounds like! A home inventory is just a gathered list of the things in your home worth noting and protecting. The fridge. The television. Your antiques. Anything that you want to protect should be noted when doing a home inventory. When you think of protection, it’s not the just the big stuff that matters. ZYYAH makes inventory easy so that you can list items that have sentimental value to you as well.

Why a home inventory is important

Having a bird’s-eye view of your valuables is essential. There are logistic and financial benefits to knowing exactly what you own. Having a home inventory is one of those things that doesn’t feel important until it’s too late. When filing claims, or for moving, there are not many things you can do that will make your life as easy as if you’ve completed a robust home inventory. ZYYAH makes inventorying your home quick, easy, and error-free through our digital scan tool. Some of the benefits of taking inventory of your home with ZYYAH include:

  • Super-fast, mobile phone inventory
  • An overview of your belongings’ value and coverage
  • You save money by ZYYAH recommending the correct coverage and warranty bundles
  • You dramatically simplify the process when filing claims, if needed

How to calculate your stuffs’ worth

Without knowing what’s in your home, it’s impossible to know your home’s needs. That’s why we’ve built the smartest, easiest-to-use home inventory tool possible. We use AI to analyze photos and videos you upload to inventory what is in your home. It’s simple:

Just three steps:

1. Snap photos or videos of your room and/or the items in it

2. ZYYAH then analyzes your items while you add the cost you paid

3. All done: Your home inventory is set and ZYYAH gives you custom coverage quotes in seconds

Now what? 

When you have a clear picture of your home, it makes moving, maintenance, and warranty or insurance coverage a snap. Protect your belongings and let ZYYAH recommend you the perfect coverage or when an appliance needs a tune-up! When you use ZYYAH, you make it all easier to stay on top of your home so you can enjoy the people and things in it!

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