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Level Lock Touch Review

Level Lock Touch: Overview

The SwitchBot Lock claims to be a sophisticated smart lock designed to blend seamlessly with your existing door hardware while providing advanced security and convenience. Is it worth your hard-earned money? Find out in our Level Lock Touch review.

Manufactured by Level, a company known for its innovative and discreet smart home solutions, this lock fits inside the door, making it nearly invisible from the outside. The Level Lock Touch offers multiple entry methods, including touch, key card, smartphone app, voice control through Apple HomeKit, and a physical key. It features auto-lock and unlock capabilities, and users can manage access and receive notifications via the Level app.

Picture of Level Lock Touch

Product Reception

Tech reviewers have praised the Level Lock Touch for its sleek design and advanced functionality. TechCrunch highlighted its discreet installation, noting that the lock maintains the aesthetic of traditional door hardware while offering smart features. CNET commended the multiple entry options, especially the touch feature, which adds an extra layer of convenience. The Verge appreciated its seamless integration with Apple HomeKit, emphasizing its reliability and ease of use within the Apple ecosystem.

User reviews are middling, with the Level Lock Touch earning an average rating of 3.4 stars from nearly 800 reviews on Amazon. Users appreciate the lock’s sleek, invisible design and the convenience of multiple entry methods. Common complaints include occasional connectivity issues and the relatively high price point, which some users felt was justified by the lock’s advanced features and discreet design.

Price and Value

The list price of the Level Lock Touch is $329, but it can be found for $149 or less on the manufacturer’s website. This price point is higher than many other smart locks, but may be a good fit for homeowners looking for a discreet smart lock solution. Competing products often lack the same blend of aesthetics and functionality, making the Level Lock Touch a compelling choice for those seeking both convenience and style.

Level Lock Touch: Our Recommendation

Based on its features along with reviews from tech reviewers and users, the Level Lock Touch Edition is only recommended for homeowners looking to enhance their home security with a discreet smart lock. Its multiple entry options, including touch and key card, offer convenience and flexibility. We encourage you to consider the Wyze Lock or Yale Assure Lock SL before making your decision.

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