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3 Reasons Your Real Estate Agent Is Excited About The ZYYAH App

One question that has driven our team forward in the development of the ZYYAH App and is ‘how can we make it radically simple for homeowners to truly own their home and its’ management?’ While that might leave you scratching your head, wondering what exactly that has to do with your real estate agent, we’re pretty confident that this blog post will calm any doubts that empowering and simplifying the relationships between real estate professionals and their communities will lead to a homeowner experience that’s easier than ever before. After all, Real Estate Professionals are the ones that are helping homeowners further their home journeys every day.

1. Become The Leader Of Their Community

Simply put, a real estate agent makes it a point of staying in the know. If there is a neighborhood that’s about to boom, a painter that can work wonders in your new home, or a home that checks all of your boxes, your Real Estate Pro will know. However, they are only one person, and there are only 24 hours in the day. Which is why the ZYYAH App’s unique ability to leverage and empower connection that already exists, allows ZYYAH Real Estate Pros to elevate Home Service Pros, and Homeowners alike.

A ZYYAH Real Estate Pro’s ability to help guide and mold the local ecosystem within the ZYYAH App positions them as a leader and allows them to easily serve their clients well after any real estate transaction. Ensuring that their clients are only working with the best of the best, and can rest easy knowing that the knowledge and resources that ZYYAH provides ensure that their home life only gets better.

2. No More List Management

Managing email lists, texts, websites, pdfs of service pros, and all the other ways that real estate agents have utilized to maintain and strengthen their relationships with their clients have been helpful but time-consuming and often not sustainable. With the ZYYAH App, they are a thing of the past.

Setting up a ZYYAH Real Estate Pro account takes 5 mins, once a real estate agent has set everything up, they are ready to invite their favorite home service pros to become ZYYAH Service Pros and the rest is history. As ZYYAH Real Estate Pros invite their clients to become Zembers, their ZYYAH Service Pro favorites are provided to their clients, allowing their Zembers to reach out to service pros, they can trust, when they need them most, without any go-between or google searches. Creating a community of trust and ease from day one.

3. Easy Mobile Communications

Chances are that you are reading this on your mobile device and right before you started reading this article you were scrolling on one or more social media apps. Whether we like it or not, our lives are becoming increasingly more and more connected on mobile apps. The importance of mobile grows every day, and trying to maintain contact, and provide continued value to clients after a transaction or service has many real estate pros and home service professionals scrambling. With ZYYAH, Real Estate Pros are able to build a network of trusted relationships, allowing them to maintain contact, utilizing the forms of communication their clients are already utilizing, mobile apps.

As the team at ZYYAH continues to evolve the ways in which the ZYYAH App can support homeowners we are excited to find new and exciting ways to elevate the many ways that our ZYYAH Real Estate Pros and ZYYAH Service Pros strengthen their local community and guide their clients.

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