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Google Nest Hub Review

Google Nest Hub: Overview

The Google Nest Hub claims to be a versatile smart display designed to serve as the central hub for your smart home. Is it worth your hard-earned money? Find out in our Google Nest Hub review.

Manufactured by Google, this device features a 7-inch touchscreen display, improved speaker quality, and built-in Google Assistant. It can display photos, stream videos, control smart home devices, and provide visual responses to voice queries. A standout feature of the Nest Hub (2nd Gen) is its sleep tracking capability, which uses Motion Sense technology to monitor your sleep patterns without the need for wearable devices. This smart display is also compatible with various streaming services, making it an excellent addition to any room.

Picture of Google Nest Hub

Product Reception

Tech reviewers have praised the Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) for its blend of functionality and design. TechRadar highlighted the improved audio quality and the addition of sleep tracking, noting that it makes the device more versatile than its predecessor. CNET commended the user-friendly interface and seamless integration with Google Assistant, emphasizing its usefulness in controlling smart home devices and managing daily routines. The Verge appreciated the sleek design and vibrant display, making it a stylish addition to any home.

User reviews are mixed, with the Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) earning an average rating of 3.9 stars from nearly 400 reviews on Amazon. Users praise its responsive touchscreen, excellent sound quality, and the convenience of having Google Assistant integrated. Common complaints include occasional connectivity issues and the sleep tracking feature being less accurate for some users compared to wearable sleep trackers.

Price and Value

The Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) is typically priced around $99.99 on the manufacturer’s website and major retail platforms like Amazon. This price point makes it a competitively priced smart display, offering a blend of features and functionality that justify the cost. Compared to other smart displays in its price range, the Nest Hub provides excellent value, particularly with its added sleep tracking capability and seamless integration with the Google ecosystem.

Google Nest Hub: Our Recommendation

Based on its advanced features, positive reviews from tech reviewers, and competitive pricing, the Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) is an option for anyone looking to add a versatile smart display to their home. Its sleep tracking capability, improved audio quality, and integration with Google Assistant provide excellent value for the price. While there may be occasional connectivity issues and the sleep tracking feature might not be perfect for everyone, the overall performance and convenience of the Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) make it a fair investment. Consider the Samsung SmartThings Station if you’re seeking an alternative to the Google Nest Hub.

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