Agents, Are You Empowering Your Clients on Their Home Sustainability Journey?

With more homeowners making the transition to sustainable homes, as real estate agents, being able to support clients on the journey can make a world of difference. Not only has “going green” and sustainability been the theme over recent decades, the demand for sustainable homes is ever-increasing. While most industries see sustainability as a trend needing tending to, you should know that as agents, it is more-than-ever engrained into the fabric of the homeowner society.

Both new and seasoned homeowners are looking to do their part in impacting the earth as well as combating the global climate change crisis. And though it may sound cliché, many are looking to start right where they are, at home. Many believe the myth that sustainable homes are far more costly to purchase than other homes. Yet sustainable homes whether newly developed or revitalized, are still on average running about the same in price as modern homes.

So, how can you empower your clients who want to start on the journey to sustainability? ZYYAH has compiled a few quick recommendations for you. So no matter where your clients are in their sustainability journey, you can easily support them, knowing that with your expertise, you both are making a wider impact. Here’s how:

  1. Know the Facts About Energy Saving – While some clients think it’s more costly to purchase a sustainable home, the energy savings are tremendous in both the short- and long-term. Try crunching numbers in your area to show how energy or resource savings match up to overall costs.
  2. Highlight Green Energy Mortgage Loans – If your partner institution or your clients financial institution offers “Green Energy Loans” or savings on interest rates, it may be well worth it to inquire. Lenders are more aware than ever of the desire for homeowners to go green; which is why several are offering unique rates that serve buyers in the short- and long-term. Do your client a favor and look into it.
  3. Suggest Sustainable Alternatives – If purchasing a sustainable home from the get-go seems like less of an option for your client who desires more sustainable living, empower them with fresh options. Not every home needs to be 100% sustainable to run more efficiently. Gift your clients with coupons to sustainable appliance brands as a thank-you or suggest windows and insulation from energy efficient providers. There are many adjustments clients can make to a home that will do the job!
  4. Share Your Sustainability Expertise – Are there tax benefits or rebates for sustainable homes in your city? Do your research and let your clients know up front. If you’ve taken a sustainability seminar or received a certification to assist your clientele in securing sustainable homes, let them know. This can help encourage a buyer who is on pins and needles about which direction to take. There’s nothing like knowing your agent knows their stuff!
  5. Don’t “Greenwash” a Home – If there’s a home with energy efficient features or a sustainable structure but is not credited as a sustainable home, don’t overdo it. Be upfront with your client and highlight eco-friendly features, improvements, or details as they are. Give them the full spill on what is or isn’t sustainable about a potential property. This leaves room for decisions, and you can even help your client to see value in other aspects of the home if necessary.

ZYYAH knows the demand for sustainability is not going anywhere, and rightfully so! Whether your next client is looking to step into exploring sustainable homeownership or not, we want you to be prepared when the next one is. If you have a pre-existing client who is working on shifting their home to a more sustainable one, or want to gift your newest buyers with some empowering ways to create a more sustainable home at a low cost, provide them with ZYYAH’s free Z-Book: 15 Low-Cost Ways to Create a Sustainable Home! Download it now so you can share it and stay up to speed on small sustainable changes that can make a big difference at home.


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