Here’s 5 Ways to Make Your Home Sustainable this Season

It’s true, more homeowners are moving toward sustainable practices in their homes. As the seasons change and the weather heats up, it’s time to start thinking about ways you can shift your home into a more sustainable one. By implementing these low-maintenance changes into your everyday life, you too can begin to create a more sustainable home; task by task. Sustainability doesn’t have to be complex, and you should feel totally inspired when it comes to doing your part in creating a more sustainable world through how you run your home. So read on, ZYYAH has compiled five ways you can do that at little to no cost!

  1. Start a compost bin – Organic materials like compostable straws or kitchen waste can be collected in a compost bin. This nutrient rich waste can become fertilizer for your grass or plants, putting rich soil back into the earth.
  2. Wash your clothes in cold water – Hot water can greatly decrease your washer’s efficiency and drive more water consumption. Start washing your clothing and linens in cold water to save energy and even money on your next utility bill!
  3. Make your cleaning products – Whether you’re cleaning fruits and veggies or scrubbing the counters, there are some amazing natural ingredients that will get the job done. Vinegar, water, and lemon juice are wonderful ways to clean produce while not contaminating them with chemicals. Natural products like alcohol and baking soda are wonderful at scrubbing down surfaces and warding off bacteria. Not only do natural products help the air, they don’t contaminate your lungs. DIY some cleaning products to keep pollution at a minimum.
  4. Place smart power-strips in the home – These cool strips can sense when your devices are not being used and will cut electricity use until you’re ready to use them again.
  5. Decrease your daylight electricity usage – Unplug, literally. Once school is out, the kids can spend less time gaming and more time outside putting foot to gravel. Try unplugging your TV and other entertainment throughout the day to save energy. You can even keep the lights out until evening and open up the windows for some nice natural lighting.

Creating a more environmentally friendly home should never be intimidating! To unlock 10 more amazing ways you can make moves toward a sustainable home, subscribe & download the free Z-BOOK: 15 Low-Cost Ways to Create A More Sustainable Home!


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