Refresh Your Living Room on a Budget: 7 Upgrades for $200 or Less

The living room is often the heart of the home, hosting everything from casual family gatherings to formal guests. Over time, even the coziest living rooms can start to feel outdated or worn. Refreshing this space can breathe new life into your home, enhancing both its functionality and aesthetics without needing a major renovation. Here’s how to do it with a budget of $200 or less.

1. Repaint Accent Pieces

Small furniture pieces such as end tables, bookshelves, or even chair legs can be transformed with just a can of paint. Choose a bold color to create a pop of interest or a neutral shade for a refined look. This simple change can reinvent an old piece for under $50.

2. DIY Window Treatments

The right window treatments can change the lighting and overall feel of your room. With a visit to the fabric store and some basic sewing supplies, you can create custom curtains or roman shades. DIY-ing this can keep the cost down to about $20, depending on your fabric choice.

3. Add New Throw Pillows

Swapping out or adding to your collection of throw pillows can instantly upgrade the comfort and style of your living room. Opt for new colors or textures to match seasonal decor changes, with each pillow typically costing between $10 and $30.

4. Create a Gallery Wall

Personalize your living space with a gallery wall featuring family photos, favorite prints, or even framed artwork made by the kids. Thrift stores and craft stores offer frames for under $20 each, allowing you to set up an impressive display on a minimal budget.

5. Upgrade Door Handles and Cabinet Knobs

Replacing outdated hardware on doors, drawers, and cabinets can subtly modernize a room. New hardware can cost between $5 and $15 per piece and is an easy update anyone can do.

6. Install Stylish Hooks or Shelving

Functional additions like wall hooks or floating shelves are not only practical but can also be decorative. Prices vary, but you can find attractive options between $15 and $50, offering a perfect spot for everything from coats to favorite knick-knacks.

7. Incorporate New Lighting Fixtures

Lighting can dramatically affect the mood of a room. Replace old lamps or overhead fixtures with thrift store finds or clearance items, often costing less than $50. This is a simple upgrade that can make a significant impact on your living space.

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