How to Prepare Your Home for Summer

Summer is swiftly approaching, and we want you to get a head start on preparing your home for all of the excitement it will bring. With warmer temperatures come home maintenance and organization needs that need attention. Here’s how you can get prepared.

  1. Tend to Your HVAC – Have you completed maintenance on your cooling system or repaired the coils to your AC yet? If you’ve been putting it off, here’s your reminder to have everything checked out in the coming weeks.
  2. Get Your Ducts Cleaned – There’s nothing like fresh air circulating through the home on a hot day! Having clean ducts will help fight off allergens and keep your home easy-breezy, so you have one less thing to worry about.
  3. Powerwash the Patio – If you’re planning on entertaining or sitting out back on a nice day, it won’t hurt to deep clean the patio. Take some time to tend to the patio and get it ready for all of the barbecues and parties. A deep clean will do wonders for saving your patio or deck from deep wear and tear.
  4. Do the Driveway – Is your driveway plagued with dents and potholes? Or maybe it’s causing the neighbors to do a double take? Refresh your driveway pavement and have it brought up to par. You’ll be glad after a long bike ride to glide right into the garage or to know that your houseguests can come and go without risking a flat.
  5. Clean the Pool – Don’t take a dip without having the pool properly cleaned and calibrated. If you have the luxury of a home pool, treat it with care and be sure to have a seasoned professional do the work!

No matter how you prep your home for summer, we want you to know that tending to your home can be highly rewarding and bring great peace of mind. If you are looking for someone to maintain your home or to do quality repairs quickly, check out our partners at Hello Covered. With their home warranties and insurance plans, you’ll have these things and more covered so you only have to call one place to get your home in order!

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