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Roomba S9+ Review

iRobot Roomba S9+: Overview

This product claims to be a top-of-the-line robot vacuum designed to deliver exceptional cleaning performance and smart home integration. Is it worth your hard-earned money? Find out in our Roomba S9+ review.

Manufactured by iRobot, a leader in robotic cleaning technology, this model features a powerful 3-Stage Cleaning System, which includes 40x suction power, advanced navigation, and a self-emptying dustbin. The S9+ is equipped with PerfectEdge Technology and a specially designed corner brush, ensuring thorough cleaning in hard-to-reach areas. It supports both vacuuming and mopping, providing a comprehensive solution for maintaining clean floors. The vacuum integrates with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control and can be managed via the iRobot Home app, offering users real-time cleaning updates and customizable schedules.

Picture of Roborock S8 Pro Ultra

Product Reception

Tech reviewers have praised the iRobot Roomba S9+ for its powerful suction and advanced features. TechRadar highlighted its exceptional cleaning performance, noting that it effectively picks up dirt and debris on various surfaces. CNET commended the robot’s smart navigation system and the convenience of its self-emptying dustbin, which reduces maintenance efforts. The Verge appreciated its integration with smart home systems, emphasizing the ease of use provided by voice commands and app control.

User reviews are middling, with the Roomba S9+ earning an average rating of 3.6 stars from over 7,000 reviews on Amazon. Users praise the app’s usability and the convenience of the self-emptying dustbin. Common complaints include the Roomba S9+’s spotty ability to map and navigate around rooms, its noise levels, and its long-term reliability.

Price and Value

The Roomba S9+ is no longer for sale on the manufacturer’s website but you can find it for $999 from major online retailers. This price point places it in the premium segment of the market. When it was originally released, this was a much very compelling product.

Roomba S9+: Our Recommendation

Based on its features and reviews from tech reviewers and users, the iRobot Roomba S9+ is not recommended for homeowners looking for a top-of-the-line robot vacuum. We recommend taking a look at the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra if you’re in the market for a high-end robot vacuum.

If you’re dead-set on an iRobot product, consider the alternative j9+ which is significantly less expensive and currently available on the iRobot website at time of writing.

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